Why is the latest Dev build connecting to galaxy-log.gog.com?

Norton Firewall is reporting that nwmain.exe tries to connect to galaxy-log.gog.com ( during SINGLE PLAYER startup.

What’s going on here?

It’s an addition which is preparing for the GOG release of Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition! More players! More connectivity! More everything!


Now that’s scary.

At least with Steam, you can shut down the lurkware and play offline.

Sounds like a reason to avoid new builds until enforced connection to GOG by stealth is removed?

That’s weird, I bought some games on GoG recently and when using the “classic” installer I don’t get bothered with galaxy and I also don’t get any reports from my Kaspersky that any .exe tries to connect to galaxy.

Could it be you unintentionally installed gog galaxy in the past when buying something on GOG?

Galaxy is not optional for The Witcher 3 on gog - it is actually part of the download and installs along with the game. It’s for the multi-player aspect. I suspect the same will be true for EE bought on gog.


I don’t have GOG Galaxy installed, although I do have 3 or 4 GOG games installed… And NWN:EE was purchased directly from Beamdog.

Or just block it with a firewall, which is what I did. NWN:EE runs just fine without being able to access GOG Galaxy.

Hey, this is not malicious. The BDC and Steam builds have the galaxy.dll linked because the C++ API isn’t too great at being dynamically loaded so we have the choice of making different builds for each or just ship the DLL to all. We’re looking into what kind of logging is going on though and to see what can be done to address these concerns.

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How about a flag in an .ini file that we can turn off or on if we don’t want NWN to talk to Steam or GOG? Something like “EnableGOGConnection=0”

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Sounds like a good idea. We’ve also been talking to the GOG folks and there will be a future update to the SDK that will suppress these connection attempts if Galaxy isn’t installed/running. So, really, nothing to worry about.