Wildfire's Elemental Sound Forge

What is this?
Below you will find a number of audio tracks created in collaboration with my good friend Alhana.
Everything below can be considered either experimental, incomplete, abandoned or no longer being actively worked on and rather than upload incomplete content to the main site my plan is to use this area as a kind of scratch pad. This gives me a chance to throw some ideas out there and get some feedback.
Files will be added or updated as and when changes are made.

Can I use this content in my projects?
Everything I upload here is Free & Open as far as im concerned, just don’t expect anything useful.
Most are looped when rendered which is why some start with a sudden jump at the start.
I usually export everything in FLAC format.

Additional Information
As a FYI, the names of the files aren’t always relevant to the project. Usually they’re just random.
For storage I’m currently using Hostr but I may switch to my Google Drive so please do not link directly.
I’m open to most basic requests but I cannot commit to anything too time consuming.


Before I start downloading malware to my PC, perhaps you could describe what’s in the files? :yum:

I guess adding that’s it’s all sound files would indeed help :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


But the last one is named Inn-HomeTheme. Isn’t that enough? :wink:

Hey guys.

Just a quick update to say I haven’t abandoned this thread, it’s been busy this end but soon I have a lot of free time coming up. I’m also working on a better, more reliable host to share my ideas and experiments with you all.

Catch you all next year!


I’ve seen some of you making content based in Cyber Punk setting or something similar.
These are a few ideas that currently being considered for expansion.

The first is what I label as relaxed. Your everyday scene.
The next could be considered alerted or prelude to battle.