Will original nwn modules, pack and utilities work with nwn ee?

Since I changed my CPU to intel and my GPU to AMD Radeon, I have a problem with stability with diamond nwn 1 edition so i decided to switch to nwn ee (I hope it will help). Also, I have the question if cep 1 and 2, leto, PRC are working correctly with nwn ee.
If cep 1 is working correctly I wanted to clarify from which page project i should download it for ee.
CEP 2.x (Community Expansion Pack) | The Neverwinter Vault it is a page for cep 2.x but it also has cep 1 which is labeled as outdated. On this page, CEP v1.X Installer | The Neverwinter Vault is a file labeled as cep 1 all in one installer. So which one should I use? Also, there is a project called CEP v1 for 1.69 should i use that one or not since I will be running nwn ee.
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Yes, they do, though some people have had issues with Leto - see this post for possible workarounds.

You mention modules in the thread title. Simple answer - modules still work under EE. A few have glitches which you can generally work around - see comments on module page in case of difficulty.

CEP 2.x (Community Expansion Pack) | The Neverwinter Vault

The latest CEP 2.x download also contains the recommended files for CEP 1.

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I updated alll the remaining obsolete CEP pages to indicate that the latest CEP 2.x download is all you need for both CEP 1 and CEP 2.

CEP 2 is long overdue for a documentation refresh, which will be done when we’ve tackled the projects that builders identified as higher priority, such as tileset and creature fixes.

So i just need to download CEP 2.67: cep2_2.67_full.7z this file plus the hotfix to get it to work properly with cep 1 and cep 2 modules, right ? How about the tlk legacy files do i also need those ?
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Those files are included in the above

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Thanks for help.