Will Project Q v3.1 work with current version of nwn ee?

So according to the module web page, version 3.1 is for NWN Enhanced Edition v8193.13.
Currently, we have version 86.8193.34(a).
Will this mean that project q won’t work with the most up-to-date version of ee?
Thanks for the info,

It will work, but without editing 2da files, you will be missing some of the new content added with one of the recent patches, namely stuff from Darkness Over Daggerford and Tyrants of the Moonsea.

The DoD placeables are actually included in PQ, but those are the ones from the free version available here on the vault and have a few issues which were fixed in the newer ones included in the base game now.

Ok, thanks. I just wanted make sure it work since the info on mod page suggested otherwise. I own DoD as a dlc.