Will the new prc work with old diamond edition?

So I tried using nwn ee. All problems are occurring, prc classes now have spells in their spellbook and I am unable to level up on some races, prc module updater not working. So I am going back to the diamond edition.
But I am wondering will the new prc and cep work with the old diamond edition?
Thanks for the info,

CEP 2.65
will work with diamond edition since that was made for 1.69, also fine for EE but no point using legacy version for new game, when there are newer releases.

CEP 2.67
Proleric will be able to answer on this, but I think it will work.

3.02 will not work with anything older than current version of EE.

i dont think will work with diamond edition due to 2da changes, but im not really familiar with it so cant say for sure. On the page Player Resource Consortium 4.1.6 | The Neverwinter Vault it says its for NWN1 so maybe it works in diamond but not optimally for EE? (cant have it both ways)

Erm nevermind it says that PRC is exclusively for NWN EE in a disclaimer, on the same page linked.

CEP 2.67 works for both EE and Diamond (1.69).

It enables some EE features (such as new creatures and placeables) that were not available in CEP 2.65.

You will have to ask the PRC team about which versions of the base game and CEP work with PRC.

PRC releases after 3.9 will not work with NWN:Diamond.

If you have issues installing the PRC we can help you on the PRC Discord.