Will worth to create a new module like a boss builder?

The people say much of that: a lot of (massive) new players will be there when Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition launch on steam for everyone.

We are not sure about that new players. Forget this.

Actually I can see a good amount of players in Persistent Worlds about 350 players daily.

I did put my module here (on the vault) and I got about 80 downloads. Very nice number.

From 80 people of here about 4 wrote for me any feedback for free in the comments area. I need to create Chapter 2 of my module, but I don’t have enough feedback and players for enjoy this. Doing this only for me to play it is not a thing I am excited for.

There are of course multiple variables for my module be a success and where are the players? But all I need is players and feedback for continue with module building here, I like this game, I would love an NWN 3 and new players.

(I don’t have yet NWN EE. I am waiting to see what is going on)

Have you ever played my fan module? Click here:Amnesia Chapter I

I have not played it, but I will.


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I have been keeping an eye on this, waiting for the absolute, no updates for a month, finished version. Interesting approach. Normally people build a module and then ask if anyone would like to play test it. As bug and typo reports come in, the builder then gives their playtester(s) an updated version. Once both the builder and playtester(s) agree that they can find nothing else wrong with it the module is finally released to the general playing public.



@Tarot_Redhand I got it. It is better to wait the entire to have a better playing experience. Yesterday I did upload version 12. I beliave I am ready to work in the Chapter 2, because I did play 100% of the module with a Mage (Wizard) and for me it is done.


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