Wimpy Wyverns!

I’ve got some wyverns and they’re hostile but wont attack, they stand around waving their tales about but nothing’s happening in the little box window from them saying miss hit or anything like that.

I turned them into level 10 dragon class in the basics window and this did the weird thing of making them have two attacks per round instead of three, with a higher chance now but still nothing going on and they just get slaughtered. I even gave them loads of strength with a massive chance of hitting but still nothing.

So how can I turn them feral and dangerous because they’re really rubbish and what would make them move about looking threatening but never bother to try and hit anything ?

Could I just make them level 10 fighters instead or does this mess with the creature weapon part, even if I added the feats ?

ps. no rush, I’m going to bed now because I’ve had enough of dealing with these stupid creatures that can’t see when they’re in real trouble and need to fight !

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well blech, setting up monsters is tedious

k, open the toolset and select the stock wyvern (resref “c_wyvern”)

Go to its Feats page and remove all (button at bottom of page)

Go to Basics page and up the Dragon class to 10, click Reset from Package button (ok it)

while there, up the Challenge Rating to 10.0

Go to the Statistics page and click Reset for MAX total hit dice

while there, up its Strength to 22, also up its Natural AC to 9

Go back to the Feats page and Filter By Assignment: Assigned, just check that its Feats look ok (add more if you like) – it must have Weapon Proficiency (Creature) at the very least, because next

Go to the Inventory page and check its Creature Weapons:

1 - Wyvern Sting
2 - Bite2d8
3 - Claw2d6
Hide - Wyvern Properties

( having 3 weapons doesn’t mean it attacks 3 per round. Its attacks per round is based on its baseattackprobability, and the engine will choose which weapon gets to attack randomly )

Go to the Skills page and up whatever you want it to have – there are theoretical limits but it’s easiest to just give it whatever looks reasonable. Skill-defaults are usually screwy, make up yer own: Taunt, Spot, Listen, etc.

Go to the Properties page and ensure its Faction ID is Hostile.

while there, change its Tag to something like “c_wyvern_10” and copy that because

when satisfied,

go back to the Blueprints panel, reselect wyvern, right-click, Save to file… paste its tag and save the creature to wherever its going to reside: your current campaign folder or current module folder, likely.

NOTE: you could start all this with right-click, Copy Blueprint but whatver,

After your wyvern blueprint is safely saved, save up and close the toolset and re-open it. Because if you don’t the stock wyvern is no longer in the Blueprints panel … its been overridden by your custom wyvern, and i like to see both of them so i don’t get confused between stock and custom wyverns.

ps. you should probably change its Properties|Template Resref to the same as Tag … depends, but its probly inconsequential unless you like to do coolio stuff such as change properties of all wyvern-types …

pps. The Resource Name is the filename, don’t change that, let the toolset read what it is from disk.

ppps. Feel free to disregard everything above

oh, and most importantly, however you’re spawning this wyvern make sure it’s the right wyvern – also check that it has the standard AI-scriptset: nw_c2_default*

those scripts should start the creature attacks, or it can be forced to attack but that’s usually unnecessary.


kevL_s… Thanks for that and I’ve finally got them to kill me, I was very happy to be poisoned and bitten to death !

I’m not sure if or how this affected it but even my original wimps damaged me and actually attacked after I removed a new creature hak from the module hak list. But before that removing all feats and sticking in a whole lot of creature weapon ones had definitely improved the newly made ones, they still couldn’t kill me and seemed to be obsessed with parrying most of the time which hardly ever worked.

I had tested them before I removed it with no armour on and no party to back me up and I still walked off without a scratch !

They’re still pretty rubbish though and I think half a dozen same level fighters would be a lot tougher, maybe the dragon type AI isn’t as violent. I checked the last time I had wyverns in a mod and I hasted and boosted them which made them pretty nasty but they were dealing with higher level characters.

KevL_s… My wyverns are now so dangerous I’m going to put an autosave just before they arrive, which is really good.

But… I’m pretty sure it was the hak. I put it back in the module, left the party at the area entrance got down to my underwear and killed them all without even having to watch the screen much. I just clicked the next one as soon as one died and only took one hit and one knockdown at the very start.

It’s not really a very exciting edge of your seat fight when you can watch Bob Ross painting whilst battling wyverns !


Then it’s probably a conflict with a wyvern blueprint in the hak taking priority over the module version.

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- Bob “deathmetal” Ross


kevL_s… Can you really have Bob Ross and death metal in the same sentence ? Then again it’s hard to believe he was in the army… Did he have a dark side and are the cute pet squirrels something far more nefarious ?

My daughter always watches his shows and my kitchen’s got trashed and is half a painting studio. Those paintings take forever to dry !

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well, you know what Nitzschie said

err, scratch that

( at the end of the 19th century he believed that Germany was so civilized it would result in wwi/ii )

moral of the story: every Apollo needs a little Dionysus to stay sane


Awesome ! The next time somebody says I’m uncivilized I will thank them.

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That might be handy some time in the future: actually, the problem was caused by an extra space at the end of the last line of appearance.2da!