Windows 10 and NWN2 Toolset

Anyone else have trouble with getting NWN2 toolset to load under windows 10?

Anyone have success with it?

I have windows 10 family, I installed the complete NWN 2 edition from GOG, without any tweak and both game and toolset run well on my laptop : core i7 6700 HQ, nvidia 1060 gtx.


if the toolset crashes, reinstall Directx 9.0c from your CDs or Microsoft site. I have the GOG version as a backup but never installed it, so I don’t know if it reinstalls Direct X 9.0c.

Check also that the .Net framework 3.5 functionnality is activated (parameters/programs/activate deactivate Windows 10 functionnalities).

Put all executables in Windows XP SP3 compatiblity mode. Not mandatory, but may help.


Gog installation include d3dx9d_28.dll

I don’t know which direct X it is

Okay. Thanks for the replies. I’ll have to try again and see if I can’t get it going this time.

You need both DirectX 9.0c and .NET 3.51 if I remember correctly. The .NET can be installed as a Win component if memory serves, but the DX package must either be installed from Microsoft or maybe if you got the old game disks you can get it from there as well.

I reinstalled windows 10, installed the directx 9.0c redistributable, windows 10 installed .net 3.5 automatically after I tried to start the toolset.

Toolset is working now.

Now i f I could get NWN2 to change resolution without crashing, lol. Only way I’ve managed thus far is to manually edit the nwn2.ini.

Toolset only seems to crash when I try the Appearance wizard and I’ve been using Windows 10.

The appearance wizard was tempermental for me even on windows 7. Seems it crashed the toolset about half the time even on that OS.

The appearance wizard was always buggy. IIRC, it causes a massive memory leak, and it was never fixed.

I’m glad I finally found this Topic again now my Tool set works. Thank you:heart_eyes:

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