Windows 10 /override and /hak folder location?

Hi, all.

I’m returning to NWN2 after 10 years. Want to use mods.

Can anyone tell me where the /override and /hak folders are located on Windows 10?

The Heed post says not to use the /override and /hak folders in the /Program Files folder.

The problem is I don’t have a Neverwinter Nights 2 folder in my Windows 10 Documents folder.

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In “My Documents” folder.


That’s odd. When I installed NWN2 quite recently on my new Win10 installation I think that folder was created automatically. Are you using the old disks or do you have the gog version of the game? I have both, since it was a nightmare trying to patch up the game if installing with the old disks.

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Thanks for your help. I bought the GOG version.

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It’s weird because the folder isn’t there.

I wonder if it will work if I just create the folders in Documents. You have the GOG version right? What is your parent folder named?

I know this might be obvious but did you launch the game? The folder only gets created when it runs the first time.


I didn’t launch yet. Have been reading about mods and planning them and didn’t even think to start the game

Thank you!!!

I was going to write him / her that … lol :slightly_smiling_face:


@Varenx I didn’t remember that. Good to know.


And there it is!

Thank you for helping everyone!

I’m embarrassed but happy to solve this.


Don’t be embarrassed. Have fun!

Hello! I have the same problem but even after starting the game the folder isn’t created… Nothing at all, I can’t save, can’t change options etc (since nothing is in “my documents”). I have a GOG version and windows 10. I tried already to change the directory address -home…, as well as to give total permission to all users… nothing works :frowning: I installed the game 3 times, cleaned all temp files etc. Someome can help please ?


This sounds totally bonkers and I really feel sorry for you. Just a thought: Since you say “My Documents”…On Win10 the folder is called just “Documents”. I’m just grasping at straws here trying to help.

So you mean the game starts and all but you can’t save when in the game? Have you asked at the gog forums? This sounds really strange to me.

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Yeah, documents, anyway you see what I mean (sorry I’m not a native English).
The game starts, and “Neverwinter Nights 2” folder in documents just does not exist… When I’m trying to save a game, it writes that game is saved, but no save is created… I don’t have nwn.ini nor override and other folders… I didn’t ask in gog forums yet, I saw a topic of a player who had the same problem but it worked for him when he gave the total access for all users. That didn’t work for me. Can it be because of “one drive” do you think?
I tried to install another version but same problem. It comes from my PC, I believe, not from GOG version…


I’ve never experienced that issue. A permissions problem, perhaps?

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Regarding the new shortcut you created for use with the -home switch. Can you post the target you used?

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A question about the save game. Can you load the save game when in game, or is it really not created at all? 'Cause if you can load your save game it must exist somewhere on your computer.

Maybe you could post a picture of how it looks on your computer, and then we could perhaps help you better? Maybe a picture from in game and how it looks where you’ve installed the game on your hard drive…I don’t know…

What version of Windows 10 do you have? It shouldn’t make a difference since I have Windows 10 Home on my laptop and Windows 10 Pro on my main computer and it works on them both, but I mean…it could possibly be an issue with that? I only have one drive on my laptop and, as I said, it works there, even though I had to tweak some settings for it to run in the first place (I had just a black screen first) but there was an easy fix that I found for this on the gog forums.

Edit: Another thought. I have the game installed under C:\GOG Games\ on my laptop and not under Program Files. But I think you said you had tried and changed the directory where it was installed, right?

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I recently bought a new HD and reinstalled the game. I also had no Documents folder for NWN2, but all I needed to do was launch the toolset once.


If you installed three times from the same downloaded files, you might simply have a bad download. It happens from time to time. Your game key from GOG is permanent so you might try re-downloading a new set of installation files.