Windows 10 Toolset Performance

I’ve spotted a few topics covering the toolset and windows 10, but these seem to be all concerning crashes. So here goes.

Since starting to use the toolset again recently, the performance of the program has changed.

  • When dragging the object preview tab to sit alongside the properties tab (when editing a creature/item appearance for example), any changes I make to the appearance or tint does not show in the preview tab - I have to click on the object in the palette to refresh the preview tab with my changes.

  • Similarly, when using the Armor Set tab to edit a creatures base appearance or an armor item, any changes I make will not show on the creature model preview until I click on the object in the palette.

  • When tinting and scaling objects in the area view tab, the changes will not show unless I reopen the area, or copy/paste the object I made the changes to.

Anyone had this issue and know a workaround? I have verified my game files with no effect.

For Win8.1 I now work almost entirely with blueprints. If I make tint/scale/appearance change to a blueprint, select a different blueprint then switch back, it updates properly. At least for me.

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