Windows 10 update June 2023 caused problems for NWN2

Hello everyone it’s Dustin.

I’ve just discovered that after June’s Windows 10 update, the movement of PCs became “jerky.” Rolling back the update removed the problem.

Has anyone else run into this?

The next thing I am going to try is to reinstall NWN2 after rerunning the Windows update. I’ll report the result.

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Reinstallation after the Windows update did indeed fix the problem.

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@Lance_Botelle reminded me to try a reboot of the system 1st as that will oft times fix this problem. It would certainly be faster and easier, too.


Yeah, I haven’t noticed anything with the movements becoming jerky after the june update.
I mean, they always do after a time, but just as Lance have told us before (and you also mentioned this), just restart Win10 and everything will be fine.

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Updates are a pain in the &%*$ and I can’t help but feel they’re some sort of data harvesting, get more control, wreck your system so you have to buy a new one thing that is of course all done for our benefit and convenience to make our lives so much better :roll_eyes:

My windows 10 laptop isn’t allowed on the internet, the three times it’s been on it were to get a game from GoG and before that I turned off updates. My printer’s never been on it so I can use cheap ink without having it sabotaged and I only use my old faithful windows 7 PC for the internet. It keeps telling me that updates are waiting and I ignore it. So far so good never an issue.

Now excuse me, I need to go and make a tin foil hat.