Winter's Lich King Stuff

Hi all! I found great stuff here Winter's Lich King Stuff | The Neverwinter Vault

This pack includes:

  • The Helmet of Domination (Lich King: WoW)
  • Frostmourne (Lich King: WoW)

But no armor! Its too sadly. Cant find autor. So maybe someone can make armor too for full set? Thanks.

The author designed CEP 3.0 and is still very active.

Hi, thank you for the kind words, I dont have super much experience creating the different armor parts, so its a hassle for me and even the experienced ones pretty time consuming and can be difficult.

It might be something to attempt later on, with a friend we managed to make 2 sauron armors in NWN but those weren’t released to public yet.

I see. Here is an Lich King armor for NWN 2 but in weird quality. What about Lich King like NPC model? It can be ported from Warcraft 3 Reforged.

Do you have the full creature file? I will chop it up for you :smiley:
I would love to make a full outfit out of this.

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Oh wow that is amazing of you! I sadly don’t have more parts from Arthas or his outfit sadly :confused: would you potentially be interested to help making some kinda face behind the mask so its not empty ? :slight_smile:

Yep, I will give him a face :smiley:

Thanks a lot! I send you a PM in discord btw if you can check when you’ve got a sec :slight_smile:

Maybe this free model help you Персонаж Короля-лича Артас Бесплатная 3d модель - .Max, .Vray - Open3dModel - 133312

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If you do need more help on that, hit me up on Discord as well. I got… Files from WC3, Reforged and WoW.


Hey Mech, thanks alot for offering! I think we should look into it together, Stonehammer undertook the project of converting the russian model linked above though.

I recently just updated the vault upload of the Lich King stuff that added something of a silhouette behind the mask, it does look better but I have all the confidence that it will be incredible when Stonehammer finds the time to do a redux of the helmet and the complete armorset,

Thank you!

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I could not open the model linked above but I did find a decent enough model somewhere else to use as reference to create the whole armor set. I made a model for every single part.
Still have to:

  • Make Icons
  • Make Females versions
  • Make Large phenos
  • Make available for every race (because I do not like to leave blanks)

Here’s what it looks like for now. Its not as high poly as winternite’s helmet but it looks very good and I added glowy eyes

@Winternite is making some shiny, sharp and pointy things to match with it.


As soon as it gets done anyone should be able to make some crazy combinations with the armor pieces:


It was very very hard to find a Shadowmourne model, but alas I liked this one even if its missing its neon blue glow!

Currently in Greataxe and Dwarven Waraxe.


Frostmourne will also be in Longsword, Greatsword and Bastardsword.


Looks amazing!

Very cool!

  • Female version done
  • Other races done
  • Large - discontinued. Armor bulky enough to match large parts

I will make inventory icons and do some final checking and it should be uploaded soon.


Here you go: