[WIP] Fun With the DoD World Map System

After a crash course in using Campaign Cartographer 3+, I’ve finally got my world map up and working for the module I’m making. I just have to script the Help button and then add in the encounter location waypoints (for spawning icons) as I develop new areas.

In addition to the custom map image, I’ve created my own location icons and a “black field” tileset that eliminates having to use the “black mat” placeable that comes with the DoD Map System. I’ve also made a bunch of custom map labels for the various encounter locations.


You might like this variant which allows the map to be displayed without an area transition.

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I’ve wrapped up the World Map and moved back onto other things. Like you, I ended up with a pretty small number of scripts - I think Ossian overdid it somewhat - to get the functionality I need. As everything is working as intended, I’m a little loathe to try a different method - maybe in a future module.

I’m curious as to why your project didn’t show up in my search though. :thinking:

For me it comes up as result #4 in a search for “World Map” so perhaps you just missed it - no problem, at any rate.

I’ve activated the “Map Help” Button and have included a “World Map” item for players to access the World Map for a quick journey back from multi-linked-area encounters. This way they don’t have to cycle back through all the areas in the chain to get to the world map. The item cannot be accessed while in combat.

I’ve also configured the world map so that when you use the “Exit Button” or click on the icon for the area you were in before accessing the world map, you return to the same location in that area.