(WIP) Lands of Intrigue development thread

Top notch stuff!


This a thousand times. My husband would also like to chime in and say: This is the most accurate representation of Darromar I’ve ever seen and I could immediately recognize it.

Really good stuff here :slight_smile:

The reason I started this was to share Tethyr with my family, so glad to read that last one. I think Im going to release around the end of the year (after revisiting Myratma and stick together godd old Zas.

Visiting Jongrath’s Mill in County Bardshyr by night.




Last visit to County Bardshyr (some farms lost in the Brinniq Woods)

Next: County Vintor, the Purple Hills and the Purple Cliffs


If you don’t my asking, are the vegetation from a tileset or placeables, or? I’ve struggled in the vanilla tileset to make vegetation that looks even half as good as you have there.

Not at the PC right know but I think that tileset is Wild Woods… Eventually can be projectq tno.

Houses are portas from nwn2, and that old dead tree might be from The Witcher placeable pack.

There are some loose bushes from projectq I think.

Checking up County Vintor:

Leaving Myratma (County Elemetar) by night.

Passing through the Ith Estuary Farmlands.

Finally in the Cliffs Trail.

Setting up camp in front of Dragontail Cape ruins.

The road south of Harten.

Harten at last.

The Wise Shirt inn.

The Keep (and Valkur’s shrine beside the docks).



A ranger, a wildling and dwarf walk into an inn and…

…visit Valkurs shrine…

(I know those waves work for the competition)

…before leaving Harten to the north…

…to reach the Convent of St. Rhynda.

And so I discovered that the Temple building was not set to Static. =P

Worked out:

Next: To Fortress Faithful


Since all the above pictures are from a check up and correction tour,

Let’s share some building stances:

Inside Grapevine’s Root (Cyrrollalee temple villa) in Vineshade

…and it’s done!