Wish and Limited Wish Spells

Also look at

See if I got this right:

int BeginConversation(
string sResRef = “”,
object oObjectToDialog = OBJECT_INVALID

int BeginConversation (name of conversation here)
String sResRef = (placeable name here)
object oObjectToDialog = OBJECT_INVALID

… (rest of script…what would go in here?) since most of the stuff happens in conversation

BeginConversation (“ResRef_of_the_conversation_in_the_editor”);

The first “int” is there because in the script that it is defined it is set as an int returning function, it work (true) or not (false). Not a very technical explanation, but more or less this is how it works.

Perhaps using this function you don’t need the placeable and it works as is.

Try, read, try, try, read, and more tying and reading.

If you’ re going to build spells or whatever, really start reading de lexicon.

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lol…problem with reading the lexicon…I still get confused

Very well, if you already know this … I’m not so sure … :smiley: I think Baireswolf has the same idea like me.