Witcher games deals

I’m guessing there aren’t too many folk here haven’t played the Witcher games but if not some great deals on GOG to celebrate anniversary.

Witcher 2

And Witcher 1 for £1 !!!

Two of the best games I’ve played…

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There’s a difference between folk who haven’t played the Witcher games and folk who haven’t gotten a copy of the Witcher games yet. I would guess there are few in the latter category, but many more in the former (myself included). :sweat_smile: :innocent:

Then now is the time, Olivier !:grinning:

Think I marginally preferred 1 over 2 but 3 was the best of all…

As a related aside - The Witcher Remake Coming With Unreal Engine 5.


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Yeah, thanks, Tarot. I saw that and my first thought was why? The original , for me, had a lot of atmosphere, a great combat system and multi layered story. Still I’ll probably buy it :grinning:

Also, delighted to see another Witcher game in the making. It’s the new Unreal engine so I’ll need to find out if it’s games tend to work on Macs although Crossover has been brilliant and reasonably cheap.

Too busy with work, NWN and other games …

I actually played the first part of the original game and stopped somewhere in the city/town part. It was okay, but there were a few things I didn’t like about it, especially the loot system (what loot? tons of weapons lying around, all of them useless), the first boss battle with long unskippable dialogues preceding it, only for me to die withing seconds, and all the backtracking in the rural part, since you had to run around these huge fenced off pastures again and again. In the city part I lost track of what I was supposed to do and where, after taking a break. I might give it another try some day, but I always shy away from starting long CRPGs (quite ironic really, seeing how much time I spend with NWN modules … :laughing:).

Never played 2, and 3 doesn’t run on my system, sadly.

I’ve forgotten. What was the first boss?

I don’t quite remember either. Some guy with fire breathing demon dogs or something, maybe?

Boss fire demon dog accompanied by quite a number of demon dogs. The fight can go either way real quickly.

I don’t necessarily mind a little challenge and having to retry a battle a few times, if I can jump right back into it, but it was really annoying that the fight was preceded by this long build up and didn’t even (allow to?) save between that and the battle, and it was tiring having to endure all that clicking through dialogue, making choices and watching cutscenes repeatedly only to be cut down in seconds right after.

And I thought I was bad,Olivier :smile: It’s a fair point about cutscenes when you’re probably going to have to redo a fight.

Ah,yes. It’s coming back now. I’m really rather looking forward to trying an enhanced version of that game. Just hope they don’t meddle with the basics of the skill tree and style of combat. Shouldn’t take too long as they have their template complete already.

Same, I really hope they keep the Heavy, Fast and Group style system or at least the animations. They were really satisfying to watch even if the combat itself is really janky.