Wizard as Spontaneous caster?

Is a wizard hardcoded as not to cast spontaneously? I’m trying to make wizard class like a sorcerer with an idea to give wizard more known spells but with fewer spells per day but without memorising it. I have changed MemorizesSpells to 0 and added new SpellKnownTable (with fewer spells per day accordingly) (it’s just modification of numbers from CLS_SPKN_SORC). Even if I modify other parts in class.2da to be identical to a sorcerer the problem is when I level up a character and choose spells, available spell count doesn’t change therefore I cannot click and continue and level up a character. Even if I choose every available spell I can’t click continue. What I do wrong?

Hi demoix

you can make it easier you just need to use sorcerer 2

So briefly
you need

  1. change the main attribute (Cha to INT)
    I already did it for you
    So this is part of the solution to your problem.

  2. change the list of spells
    you just need to edit the spell list
    I don’t know what you want, so I didn’t change anything

Here is my version for you(Now sorcerer work like wizard and use INT)
classes.7z (3.9 KB)

example video
( https://youtu.be/knHhkzUT59o )

If you write more detail
maybe I can help you.


That’s cool. Thank you for your efforts. I’m wondering if is possible technically to keep sorcerer as default and keep him as default to use CHA instead but to change wizard to use his INT but cast his own spells but spontaneously

It is probably possible to a greater or lesser extent, but then it wouldn’t follow the core rules of D&D where Wizards have had to memorise their spells from the very first incarnation of the game.


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