World of Daemon

Hi folks … I am working on a new module (Daemon) which will be the basis for a PW if people are interested. Essentially, the module and PW will be a world where portals/rifts/ from a netherworld will open randomly around the world and allow ‘demonic’ creatures to enter. Much of the initial storyline will be about why, how and who is creating this potential apocalyptic problem.

I am a major RP type player and hope to build enough interest to make a PW viable. Please let me know what you think about the concept. Hopefully I will complete the initial module shortly.

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It sounds like Oblivion. Good luck with your project.

Never played Oblivion … interesting. It is based on my upcoming novel ‘Afterlife’.

Sounds very cool.NWN2 can use some love, best of luck with your project!