Would you like to play the next module?

Some time ago (actually, a long time ago) I posted this module, planned as the first in series:
The Icemaiden
And started working on the next part. I got about 30% done, then abandoned the project, due to two reasons - RL with less spare time, and the lack of feedback on this and my other modules (no feedback = no information - like was that good module? what to change to make it better?)

Now I have more free time but I don’t want to waste time and effort for something useless for anyone but me.
So I’ve decided to do this poll and see, if there are enough people wanting to play this continuation - and make it worth finishing. The mini - poll is, of course, anonymous.

  • I want to play the continuation of The Icemaiden
  • I’m not interested in playing the next part

0 voters

This poll will be open till September 09. To those, who voted - Thanks :+1:
To those, who would like to vote - do that! You feedback is very important to me.

After nearly a month - quick summary. The results - 6 votes, all “yes”.
Based on this, I’ve decided to continue work on second part, but not as a priority.
Once again, thanks to voters in this poll. I’ll keep you informed about the progress of this work.


I’d love to play it, DrA!