Wow! That computer is quick

Hello dear Nwn lovers,

After the late bitcoin crash, AMD GPU prices went down to an acceptable level. And as a result, i just got my hands on a shiny new Sapphire RX 590. I am very happy with it, but… the 1.69 toolset controls are now superfast to the point they are unusable. I suppose not to be the first to discover modern graphic cards inflicts heavy speed effects on old software, so perhaps you can help. For now, i have found three tricks for counterbalancing nwtoolset excess speed:

  • Using the mouse (left and right button) with the Ctrl key.
  • Using an overclocking utility (Trixx or Afterburner) to slow down the GPU clock and memory clock.
  • Using EE nwtoolset (v.1.77 vts74). But as i want to keep 1.69 compatibility, i need to change the module version afterwards.

So, how do i slow the toolset… What about other software or tricks to tame the speed ? Any ideas ?



not to be like a devils advocate since alot of people still seem to dislike or not really intrested in it but EE fixes all those issues