Xaltar's female heads

Does anyone have Xaltar’s original female Human #5 head? If so I would like a copy of it if possible. Some of the older modules just don’t look right with the newer ethnic head.

I don’t which is the original head. Is this the new or the original one?headxal

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This is the new one andgalf. Thanks for checking back with me. Xaltar called this head an ethnic head. Some of the older modules used the other head that is why I’m asking. By the way I’m enjoying your first module A Strange World right now it is a good story so far.

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Ok. I understand. I’ll look through some old files and see if I can find anything, but I honestly doubt it. Glad you like the module.

Edit: I searched through my HD for old files from the vault but I only found a Xaltar folder with human female heads dating back to 2012, and when testing that in the toolset it was still the same head, I’m afraid.

That is Ok I may have to keep using these heads, thanks for checking andgalf.