XP in battle

I noticed a thing when testing a battle in a new module I’m working on that I’ve never noticed before. If I control a companion when killing an opponent it seems that I don’t get any XP for killing that opponent. However, if I control the PC, and one of the companions or the PC kills an opponent, I get XP. Maybe this is normal or maybe it’s a setting in the OnModuleLoad script. I’m just curious since I normally control the PC most of the time in battle, only switching to companions to give them commands, and then switching back to the PC, so I’ve never noticed this before.


There are some XP settings in the Campaign Editor, but I don’t think they specifically address the point you raise, unless you altered them and the weighting affected it.

There is a module switch to disable XP somewhere (as I have used it) … I am just trying to locate that, as it may also have others that could help. Found it. It is simply a module property. I set XP Scale to “0” and then wrote my own system. Did you alter this by mistake?

In my own setup, I have disabled automatic XP and added my own monster OnDeath that gives the XP to all members if any party member kills a creature.

Having not used the default system for so long, I cannot comment if this is normal behaviour or not. Or, was you main PC “dead” (out of combat) when the creature was killed by a companion? Perhaps they don’t get XP if they are “dead”?

Out of curiosity, is the companion’s “Designer XP Mod” property set to 0? If it is, set it to 1.



What’s that?

It’s a XP multiplier for that character. e.g. If it’s set to 2 it doubles the XP they get. If it’s 0 then they get no XP. It’s normally set to 1.
I’m pretty sure it’s only for combat related XP for their kills.


Is that one of those I referred to in the campaign settings? Or something else? IE They (the weighting settings) sound like they do something like that.

The “CompanionXPWeight” campaign property appears to be a broad version of it - effecting all companions. While the “Designer XP Mod” character property effects only that particular character.
Additionally, the “XP Scale” module property effects ALL characters including the main PC.

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Where is it? How does one turn it on or off? :slight_smile:


@travus - I normally always set this to 1, but I noticed that I had forgot one of the companions. On that one it was set to 0. Maybe that was what caused this. Will have to do another test.

Should one alter this too? I have never touched this before.

EDIT: Just checked in the Campaign Editor and noticed that the CompanionXPWeight was set to 0. Do you recommend setting this to 1?


Thanks. Never noticed this before. :+1:


I’d leave the CompanionXPWeight property set to the default of 0.

I’ve never messed with that either. It’s actually used in the SOZ campaign but not any of the others. After reading its description, it sounds like it lowers the XP the more companions you have.


Oh, I don’t want that.

Tested with setting Designer XP Mod 1 on the companion where I had forgot it. It seems to be working now, but I will do a bit more testing.

EDIT: Tested it further and it definitely works now, so thanks @travus for pointing out my mistake of forgetting the Designer XP Mod on this particular character.


There’s something else that happens with XP and companions, if you have a lower/ higher level companion then you get more/ less XP per kill which means there’s some sort of average thing going on with the calculations.

So don’t freak out when XP goes up/ down and start changing creature settings when a companion joins up that is of a different level. I noticed this when I added a much lower level companion to the party, but I just let it go and figured she had to learn fast and catch up.


@Tsongo - I didn’t know that. Really good to know! Thanks for sharing your experience with this.


Thus, the companion summoning trick to increase XP awarded, due to the summoned lowering the party’s Average Character Level.

ECL of party members effects this, too, by lowering the ACL of the group.


Are you kidding me? I was wondering why all my companions only level up after the main character levels up his own…
I totally forgot about that “Designer XP Mod” thing…
Thanks… :+1:


@raymondsebas Ah, you’re back! So good to see you here again! :grinning: