YATT (Yet another Terrain Tool)

I bid you all good time of day.

Recently, I decided to once again make an attempt to use YATT to create terrain from heightmaps, however, all of its documentation seem to had been left on old vault and bioware forums and thus lost as a result. Therefore I decided to ask there, if anyone has any bits of documentation left.

Currently, what I need to understand is, how texture maps work. As I understood, they are using an image as mask to paint the selected texture over, but what I can not yet understand, whether light or dark areas determine where exactly the texture is applied and where isn’t. Any recommendations?

I bookmarked a few sites for areas creation…

I also found this :wink::wink:


Many thanks.
Links on http://nwn2yatt.sourceforge.net/tutorials.htm seem broken (well, tried to follow them before too), but the other two rendered very helpful material.

Not all links there are broken, only those one that lead to the Old IGN Vault, but the mirrors on the New Vault can be found easily:



There’s also a similar tool:


Much appreciated.

Does anyone know, why YATT may run out of memory when I try building set of areas?