You'd Have to be Mad But it Would be Awesome

Considering the amount of work it would take, you’d have to be at least slightly crazy to do it. But potentially the result could be totally awesome. What am I talking about? Anyone want to go through the original Bioware tilesets, create normal and specular maps for them and edit the models to add the necessary lines to make them work?

That would be one override I could 100% back. Think about it. Nothing gets disturbed. Nothing gets broken and we end up with much better looking tilesets. This is so doable but so much work.

If there is anybody crazy enough, apply here and now.


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I’d strongly suggest to:

  • wait a good while until the new material system solidifies
  • then evalutate how you can use that to de-duplicate the needed work
  • then request features from Beamdog for things you could make use of but don’t exist yet
  • and only then maybe think about actually planning it out.

… but don’t just start doing it. That will be frustrating in the long run.


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