Your module-building process

Hang in there, @Vivienne. My flatmate, who’s not usually the most emotionally perceptive and supportive person, has recently encouraged me greatly by telling me about Kurt Vonnegut’s “Make Your Soul Grow” letter which, I think, is quite applicable to us weird folks chipping away at modules. Or having novels stuffed away in drawers. (Often the same people, I think.) Or anyone else, really.


I just read through what you posted, @QuenGalad. Beautiful stuff. :heart:

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I myself prefer certain Hyena’s way of hitting modules with pre-processed clay cuboids until it works more or less shabbily.
That’s how I made mine.
First one was a total disaster that couldn’t even save&load in game.
Second one was too ambitious… and is still buggy, though I have shamelessly published it :stuck_out_tongue:


I just (last week) started with my first module, so my tale about how I do it is probably not the right one. But nevertheless, …

I’m by nature very pragmatic: I do not plan a lot, but take care of problems and question when they reveal themselves. So also with this module I’m working on. I’ve a general concept, a theme, but no clue how, what, where or when. I’ve started the toolkit, and set out the first contours of the first chapter. Little by little details are added, snippets of stories are written, riddles are forming, questions about why and how are filled in the moment I encounter them. And slowly this first part is getting form. A very organic form and feel, but that is what I’m after… or better: reflects who I am.

So. is this the right way to do it? No! Not at all. But it’s my way, and I’m very curious about feedback if/when my module will be posted. I hope it will be different from what’s out there, without judging about quality or depth of gameplay… just a different experience that stands out for what it is.