Your opinion about classes?

I thought about making a poll about favorite and least favorite classes in NWN, but then I decided a discussion would probably yield more interesting results.

I’m playing a lot of single player modules that require me to create a new character, and I noticed that I tend to always pick the same classes, or that I quickly run out of ideas when I’m trying to do something new. So far I’ve mostly stuck to base classes, no multi-classing, no prestige classes, and if a module does not recommend a certain class to play with, more often than not, I pick cleric or druid, wizard or sorcerer, and in rarer cases ranger or rogue. I hardly ever pick bards or monks in single player because they seem harder to play on lower levels if the module does not specifically cater to them. I rarely pick fighter, paladin or barbarian either, because they don’t seem to offer that many options beside hacking enemies to pieces and maybe knock them down occasionally.

The reason why I seldom multi-class or pick prestige classes is that I am afraid that this will weaken my build if I don’t know what I’m doing, and I really don’t, most of the times. And you never know how well specific low level single player modules will be suited for such experiments.

So, what are you thoughts on core classes, multi-classing and prestige classes? What are your favorites, what are your least favorites? Are there any that are objectively worse picks than others, particularly for lvl 1-12 single player modules? Can you recommend me anything new and interesting to try the next time I play a module that is open for all classes? Would you advise against any classes in general, or in that context? Any underrated ways of playing specific classes, any underrated domains, feats, skills, or spells? Or can you recommend some great class specific-modules that would help me get better acquainted with a specific class or prestige class?

(I know that there’s a list of class-specific modules but I would prefer personal recommendations over trying out random modules, e.g. I just played The Rogues of Quinn series and Guild War, which were great rogue adventures.)

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I like it when authors tell you whether they had particular classes in mind or if their work has only been tested with certain classes. I find that having a character that “fits in” can make the experience more enjoyable. If I don’t see that sort of information on the module page, I will tend to use a character with more skills so I have more options if the unexpected happens.


Here’s my recommendation: if the module doesn’t outright specify an expected configuration type and you know nothing about it, try with a human/elven STR-based Rogue, max social skills, hide, lore and tumble.

I don’t have much time for playing, so this approach allows me to maximize my experience-the-module to replay-the-module time ratio. With Rogue you’re swimming in SP anyway, so pumping even those non-class skills is no issue in the long run. This may sound boring but is a reliable anti-frustration feature.

Most modules I’ve played expect the PC to tank (and give you a redundant Rouge sidekick), so you may consider mixing in a more combat-oriented class, probably Ranger (2WH), Barb (HP, speed, rage) or Fighter (many feats but low will throws). I also pick Blind Fight and Exotic Weapons for obvious reasons.

The only prestige class I like is the Arcane Archer. Too bad there aren’t many modules for ranged characters.

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My fallback is a fighter with some intelligence and dex. My 2nd go-to is usually an elven wizard. When designing, these are also my usual playtesting character types, too.

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That makes sense. I guess that is the reason why I often pick clerics, as you can’t really go wrong with them and they are more flexible and varied than a fighter.

Do you max out hide without maxing out move silently? Does STR-based mean you give them high STR at stat point distribution during creation? How do you offset it? Lower DEX? Isn’t it needed for rogue skills? Or lower INT, so fewer skill points? Or do you decrease all other stats to 8 or something?

Why intelligence? I assume for more skill points? If so, what skills do you use them on? Fighter-specific (which always seem a bit boring to me) or more expensive non-fighter skills?

I think more than once I found myself at a disadvantage in a module with a fighter with low intelligence. Another reason is, depending on how far the module will allow me to advance in level, I eventually like to switch over to wizard levels. So the intelligence score is a prerequisite for that.

MS has synergy with hide so I didn’t mention it (just like obvious locks and traps). If you have too many SP you can dump them into heal and use medkits as cheap potions on steroids.

Human Rogue @ STR 15, DEX 14, CON 14, INT 12, WIS 8, CHA 14

Keep adding to STR. It absolutely trumps DEX in every aspect. DEX can also be easily offset with tumble: +10 tumble is +2 AC, which you’d need +4 DEX for. They didn’t put armor requirement to that skill (an oversight?), so free tumbling for everybody in a plate mail.

I set most stats to 14 for easy startgame and in case the module does stat checks. If you can’t stand that -1 to WIS, you can lower STR to 14.

I am similar to you OP, in that I have go-to classes and others I’m not keen on.

Fighter - with some intelligence (for certain feats and skill points), or charisma (for social skills).

Barbarian with some charisma and social skills is also fun.

Ranger - a pretty weak class mechanically, but I’m usually taking one character through a few different modules, and the dusty trailblazing man with no name feeling of being a ranger suits a lot of modules played in that context.

Fighter-Wizard or Fighter-Sorcerer - there’s just something incredibly fun about mixing swords and spells. At this point I don’t feel I really even need to explain it, I assume it’s obvious to everyone. I would probably go with cleric for the same feel mechanically, and it’s probably stronger, but clerics have never appealed to me thematically.

And now and then I’ll experiment a bit more. For prestige classes, the only ones I really like are arcane archer and weapon master - and AA especially only really comes into its own at higher levels.

Rogue and Bard I tend to avoid. They are really weak at low levels and single player in the majority of modules, because they are just inherently support classes. If I do make one I’ll look for modules that are made with those classes in mind, or that have a big old tough fighter as a follower.

In the end, it’s all very unpredictable because everyone makes modules differently. I find the best thing is to find your class that you enjoy playing and is fairly versatile in different types of modules, and play that. If you really get a hankering to play, say, a bard, then search the Vault for “A Bard’s Tale - the Module”.

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IMO, the only reason to NOT multiclass is if playing a spell caster which benefits greatly from being mostly pure, so I pretty much always multiclass since I almost never play spell caster. Prestige classes are good since they don’t give multiclass penalty. Usually a Human unless there is a racial requirement for a class.

A strength based Fighter/Rogue/Third class is my goto 90%+ of the time.
Typical stats: STR 16 (all bonuses here), DEX 14, CON 14, INT 14, WIS 10, CHA 8

Fighter/Rogue is Indiana Jones, he can fight, he can read ancient scrolls or activate magical devices, he can avoid/disarm traps, he is the adventurer. The perfect mix of Feats, Skill and Brawn.

Works very well in every module unless it requires a specific class like Arcane caster.

For that third class I have done:

Paladin: Usually not for Divine might, but for Immunities or Holy Avenger.Fear Immunity is great for dealing with Undead. Just a splash.

Shadow Dancer: For HIPS (start with 16 Str/16 Dex (two from Wis and Con).

Ranger: But only if going Epic and Ranger will be primary for Bane of Enemies

Dwarven Defender: To be a VERY tough tank

Monk: Kama Cheese (Stats shifted a lot to boost wis to 14, dex to 16)

Weapon Master: For the Crits

Champion of Torm: Save booster, plus when Elf it gets more BAB without EXP penalty and can set up for early double epic feats (Rogue 8/Fighter 7/CoT 5 pre epic - Then next two epic levels get a free Epic feat from Fighter and CoT, usually EWF/EWS.

Cleric: Rarely do this one, but you can mix in a bit of self buffing. Rogue UMD usually gets me all the magic I want.

Fighter/Rogue forever. :smiley:


Spell Casters: I never play full spell casters unless a module calls for it. Just not my jam.
Barbarian: Dwarven Defenders fit this role and are just better.
Assassin: A Rogue with only half the skill points, and I don’t enjoy playing evil.
Blackguard: Kind of an Evil Paladin. Paladin is better and as above. Evil is not my thing.
Harper Scout, Purple Dragon Knight, Pale Master: Meh.
Red Dragon Disciple: To really leverage it you need to be a Fighter/Bard/RDD, so I lose Rogue. :frowning:

Arcane Archer: Yeah I like this one. One of the few cases were I will give up Fighter/Rogue, but highly situational, AA’s need good gear IMO, some modules give it (Aielund - Had fun with AA), and some don’t (Swordflight - Gave up and switched to Dwarven Defender).

I think I covered just about all the classes.

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