YouTube Let's Play Videos For Modules (EE)

hello all! after rediscovering nwn with the ee i have become a huge fan of the game and most importantly, its awesome community! In an effort to show off some of the game i began LPing some modules. Unfortunately i had to make a new YT channel (my old old channel Fluents World had 2k+ subscribers) so i don’t have great viewership yet but I’m excited to show off a bunch of modules.

Currently I’m playing Tortured Hearts 1 on android. if you’d like to watch along i encourage anyone crazy enough to catch up with the 50 episodes and join me! i upload two or three episodes per day so I’m very active.

episode 1 can be found here -

note that the audio improves a few episodes in.

I’ll eventually play more single-player Faerun modules as i find the game utterly fascinating. I’m really hoping players return and catch this rare rpg video gaming miracle of a game!

all the best, fluent


hi again! my friend Christian here also is playing a module for PC, Darkness Over Daggerford. here is episode 12 but u can easily go back to the start of the series if u choose.