Zwerkules Medieval City Crosser Questions

After playing a long while with Zwerkules’ Medieval City Tileset, I haven’t been able to fiigure how to make the ROCK crosser to work.


Any help?

The rock crosser is for use with raised cobble terrain. If you have raised cobble terrain you can use the rock crosser along its edges to to get rock there instead of walls.

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Excellent. Thanks!

I forgot to say that there have to be buildings at the top for the crosser to work. It’s for buildings on raised ground and cobble below.

Sorry, Zwerkules, I’m being a little obtuse today. First day of heat here for a while has got to me :sunglasses: I can’t get this to work. We are talking about the tiles “Medieval City 2” in the toolset aren’t we? Btw, why isn’t there a Medieval City 1 or is that just City exterior?

Is the work flow:

  1. Use Raise/Lower to raise terrain
  2. Put building on that area of raised cobble.
  3. No need to paint cobble as that’s the default ground?
  4. Use Terrian/ rock along edges to have path edged by rocks?

If so, what am I doing wrong in this quick effort as it won’t let me paint rock?

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The ‘edge’ of the buildings has to be close to the ‘edge’ of the raised terrain, and there can’t be something that interferes, like a stairwell. So, in your screenshot above, there is stone at the bottom of the building on top of the raised terrain, but you can’t paint the stone in place of the block wall farther out, because there isn’t building there, only ‘wall’ of the raised terrain. I think. It’s a very cool feature though! Gives the look that the buildings were built right into hewn out rock as their foundation.


He meant the building terrain rather than a single building.

And yes, it works for Medieval City 2 as well. I guess it is suffixed with " 2" to be backwards compatible with modules using the originak hak, so as to not overwrite the original Medieval CIty tileset. The mdls are also prefixed with tcm02_.


That’s castle terrain What you’ve painted… Building is the one you have to paint

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Thanks guys. Will give it a go.

Ok. Spent an hour on this but no further forward.

I have no tileset called Medieval city in my toolset so i’ll assume it is another of Zwerk’s tile sets but as it works with Med city 2 which is what I have all should be fine.

The default floor is cobble so when I raise a row this is what I get.

I only have the choice to add a castle or a building, neither of which resemble the building in the pic above.

When I select castle and try to place it at the front of this raised bit this is what I get.

I can see the rock the castle is built on but can’t add to it by turning the bricks on either side into rock .

Shot below is in toolset showing I cant seem to place the rock anywhere.

I’m aware this is probably something simple but it is beyond me at the moment.

@JFK, I agree that pic is really cool. Seems to me you are using a different tileset though?

I’m using Medieval City 2 with no haks and nothing in my override.

The naming is, I think, simply because people had been using Zwerkule’s tileset named Medieval City. By naming the one now included, it allows people who want to keep using the .hak version (Medieval City) to do so, and not confuse the issue by also having another very similar tileset named the same thing.
Start with a new area using Medieval City 2. You get cobblestone terrain. Paint the Building terrain in a line across the middle or something (like you did above). Then Raise the building terrain. This will raise the buildings without leaving a big flat area between buildings and wall/cliff. Now select Rock terrain, and click on the edge where the block wall meets the raised terrain (top of the wall). Note that sometimes the highlight reticle won’t display as paintable, but try clicking anyway. Occasionally you’ll need to paint adjacent first, then go back to fill in and edge between. Also, sometimes the Rock terrain will delete a door from existing elevated terrain.

Good luck!

Medieval City 2

2. Paint Building terrain:

3. Raise/Lower the Building terrain a click:

4. Paint over top of raised Cobble (top of wall) with Rock terrain:

Now, you can see where I raised twice, the flat area at the first elevation is too wide between edge and building, so Rock terrain won’t paint that lower wall top. But the second tier of raised cobble, where the buildings come closer to the edge, is able to be converted to Rock. The limitation is, I think, when the flat cobble area at the top of the raised elevation is too wide between edge and building.
Does that help?


Sorry for late reply. Yes, I’ve got it working now. As you say it’s hard to get another level of rock but the single one is pretty good looking.

Thanks for taking the time.